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Official DualSense-Inspired Playstation 5 Design 10+ Photos

playstation 5 concept

Sony recently released its best controller yet, the DualSense with haptic touch and a suite of features never before seen on a game pad. This modern take and upgraded version of the DualShock played with industrial designers’s wildest imagination for what Sony’s Playstation 5 could potentially look like. Although this is only a Playstation 5 Concept, our team at Dosenyo wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun. We took the chance to redesign the PS5 and reimagined what we felt the new Sony Playstation 5 would be for avid customers like myself.

What else would be a better concept than making the PS5 sensory in its functions. We took inspiration from the Dualsense and all its functions like the haptic touch and re-imagined its application. Dosenyo’s PS5 design concept takes on a the curved accents of the DualSense yet keeping the overall appeal minimal, which we’re fond of in Dosenyo.

Amid the many PS5 concepts that’s taking the design world by the storm, we took the time to reconsider hardware features and aesthetics we feel the next generation Sony Playstation should have. Without deviating too much from the PS4 Pro design, which gave a sense of brutalist architecture, here’s our concept in photos.


The PS4 Pro design had a powerful cooling system which we wanted to convey in this Playstation 5 concept design concept as well. We carved a bigger hole for better exhaust and designed the vent more sleek and stylish.


This is the swipe to eject feature. I’m probably one of many unlucky ones that received a faulty eject button so we thought to let go of the mechanical push button to eject. Even with the surge of digital downloads, there’s something about CDs that we can’t just let go especially when buying deluxe editions of franchises. Swiping to eject seems to be an advancement towards this new concept.

Personal gadgets already have this feature, from wearable devices to smart phones. Why can’t we have a no-fuss PS5-compatible NFC charging capability for the DualSense? Simply place on top of the flat surface, and watch the magic happens as both devices light up to indicate it’s charging.

For PC players, RGB radiator fans and keyboards just give so much ambiance to a man cave’s appearance. We feel the PS5 design shouldn’t fall short on this capability also. Change the light to your liking.


We wouldn’t  miss a white version to pair with the DualSense. It gives off awesome Stormtrooper vibes.

Don’t forget to watch our Official Trailer for this PS5 design concept.

If you enjoyed this post, below are more concept renders. Let us know what concept redesign you would like for us to do next!

This Playstation 5 concept was designed and developed by our design studio, Dosenyo. We help product developers, manufactures, and e-commerce companies around the world design their products from concept to market. To know more about the work we do at Dosenyo and if you wish to work with us, you contact us here.

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