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Our mission is to design with purpose, research beyond the three dimensions of a product, and design for the people.

At Dosenyo, we strongly advocate that there are better ways to design. We believe that by applying a systemic design process, any product can achieve greatness, ultimately to help product manufacturers and the end user. We are here to simplify the complexities of industrial design, a discipline that is usually misunderstood.

Easy and Simple

Meet the Team

Zara Carbonell


Danny Garcia

Co- Founder&Business Developer


Industrial designer

Donita Salazar

Founder & Creative Director

Dosenyo is a Philippine-based industrial design firm with a global reach. Our clients are 100% overseas who are looking for design agencies to build their ideas or rebuild their products with a fresh set of creative eyes. Our core values in designing are Mindful. Specific. Achievable. Minimalist. Imaginative. Inventive. Purposeful. Systemic.

The founder of Dosenyo, Donita Salazar is a multi-awarded industrial designer. Her concepts have been featured in the prestigious design platform, Yanko Design. She has also taught in the Philippines’ topnotch school for industrial design, College of Saint Benilde, Manila.