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Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal? After all coming home to the savory scent of bayleaf and spices on your favorite dish oozing out of your home’s window is one of the most welcoming feelings in the world. So good that your favorite home-cooked meal can send butterflies in your stomach after a long and tiring day.

But because we understand that cooking and sharing home-cooked meals are such binding experiences – we’ve come up with a kitchen cookware solution that lets you cook your favorite meals without the drama that comes with it. Say hello to your newest kitchen cooking solution. AKA: The Alder!

All you have to do is turn the blue triangular silicone located at the lower left part of the pot 45 degrees in a clockwise motion. Doing this releases the water in the pot by 80%. To release the remaining 20%, you just have to tilt the pot and let the water slide out of the holes.

Once the water is out, just turn the triangular silicone back to its original position and continue cooking. This innovative pot lets you cook and strain out the water without the stressful fear of dropping your food in the sink. So no, your cooking experience doesn’t require you to be a professional weight-lifter anymore.

This 3-piece kitchen is oven-safe and comes with hi-temp glass covers. Not to mention The Alder’s pieces will let you ditch your mittens because they come with ergonomic handles that let you cook your favorite meals without the fear of burning your hands while you cook.